August 28, 2013

It seems 2 month have slipped by without any blog updates from me. I can only blame the arrival of summer and the fact that I got off the crazy busy train for a while..lovely…

One of the big hits of the summer was ‘Slip’ by the very cool ‘Stooshe’ girls. These stripped back portraits, shot for their album sleeve, show a different side to the girls who we are used to seeing in a mashup of bright colours.

Hope you like them.

Thank you:

Art Direction: Laurence Stevens

Styling: Kim Howells

Makeup: Zoe Taylor

Hair: Luke Rose

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October 12, 2012

Leona Lewis is fast becoming a world wide superstar. It’s been fun watching her go from shy X-factor contestant to super successful recording artist. I was excited to get to shoot her for the latest Fabulous Magazine Cover story(out 7th Oct.)

She is a woman of principle. She is a vegan, and will not wear anything made out of an animal – and she sticks to those principles. This makes styling her more challenging – but that does not mean she can’t look smoking hot! She does sexy very well, but still manages to appear ladylike..a lovely mix.

Leona’s 3rd album ‘Glasshouse’ is released to huge anticipation on the 15th of October. Rumours are it’s pretty damn good.


Stylist: Chloe Wood @

Hair: Ben Cooke @ Frank Agency

Makeup: Caroline Barnes @ Frank Agency



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July 18, 2012


Joss Stone is back! With the release of her 6th album ‘The Soul Sessions 2′, I had the privelage of shooting her for the cover story of Live Mag which was out this weekend (Sunday the 15th July).

Joss is talented, funny, sweet and not to mention absolutely jaw droppingly beautiful. I’ve mentioned this before..but I do have the best job in the world..

For more images from this shoot, have a peek at my website.

Thank you:

Live Magazine and their wonderful Picture Editor Isobel Prime

Stylist: Angie Smith

Makeup: Melanie Crump

Hair: Nina Pach

Flowers: Viva & Susanne @

Set: Simon & Chris @

Post Production @



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March 21, 2012

Sometimes it’s fun to just pick up a camera, hit the streets, and shoot. No big production. No check list making sure that every little detail has been sorted. No location permits. No massive equipment van. No pre-ordered lunch with individual dietary requirements catered for. No 2nd and 3rd assistant…phew….you get the drift..

So when DJ Sara Young called me up a month or so ago wondering if I would like to shoot the cover of her up and coming EP, I thought it sounded like fun.

The plan was simple – first we hit Brixton Market to shoot in one of the colourful african shops…then Edgeware Rd outside one of the lebanese restaurants..

This kind of approach requires more bravery and faith than when everything is perfectly planned.As a result it’s much more risky, but also can be a lot of fun. You also have to rely on people’s goodwill.Luckily we got lots of that – but then it helps when your subject is funny, talented and curvaceously beautiful.

“I am Sarah Young” is released on the 29th of March in assosiation with Adidas.





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March 5, 2012

Some days are full of surprises and my day with the gorgeous Alexandra Burke was one of them. She is down to earth, funny and with a laugh that gets everyone going. We had a wonderful day capturing her softer side for the cover shoot of Fabulous Magazine (out on the 18th of February).

I also thought you might like to see a few behind the scenes images from the day. I decided to use ring flash as my main light to make the flowers and her skin pop, but softened it by using a couple of fill lights reflecting from the walls and ceiling.

And the location? A palace in Ealing, London W5…another surprise.

Styling: Lynne McKenna

Makeup: Alex Babsky

Hair: Michele Sultan

Flowers: LK Lily

Retouching and digital operation: Curtis Gibson @







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